The State of Us


Products inspired by the new exhibition The State of Us. Sat 9 November 2019 - Sun 23 February 2020

From grotesque to the wonderful, these digital artists examine how the body and self are transformed, manipulated, reinvented and reshaped to create a new ‘self’, to reshape our human connection – for better or worse.

We have become engineers of our own humanity. Through intervention we are seeing the imbalance of ‘truth’ in the definition of what we are. Mary Shelley wrote in Frankenstein the body is a ‘workshop of filthy creation’ – never has this been truer in the digital age.

Through time, natural evolution has shaped the world we live and as a consequence the human species, but now human intervention is overriding natural laws of selection. The balance has tipped towards ‘engineered evolution’ by a single species, as technology intervention surpasses the rate of nature and rewrites the laws of evolution.


The State of Us Exhibition

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