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Kind Rebel - The Heroes

Kind Rebel - The Heroes

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The book is A5 size and has a soft cover. In the book you can read the stories of Jolie, Maya and Izzy, inspired by Frida Kahlo, Martin Luther King and Gandhi.

The Story of Maya
Maya and Finn are good friends. When Finn is one day not allowed to play - because they think he has a crazy nose - Maya gets angry. She decides to stand up for Finn and help him. Read Maya's story in the accompanying Kind Rebel book.

Jolie's story
Jolie is beautiful with her orange leaves. One day she wakes up with a knot in her stomach. Shouldn't she have red leaves too? Like the other flowers? She asks her mothers for advice and they tell her about Frida Kahlo. A special woman. Read Jolie's story in the Kind Rebel book.

Izzy's story
Bear Izzy lives in a forest in India. Izzy can grumble very well, but he finds one thing difficult:being nice. One day, Izzy runs into Gandhi. Some animals say he is one of the nicest people in the world. Izzy asks Gandhi for help and he gets three tips on how to be nice.

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