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L.S.Lowry The art and the artist

L.S.Lowry The art and the artist

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The book begins with the previously unpublished transcripts of the broadcasts which cast a unique light on Lowry's art and developing reputation. In addition to all the usual elements of an art historical monograph on this scale, Rosenthal has devoted chapters to Lowry's technique, his visual friendship with his fellow painter David Carr; and a serious analysis and rebuttal of a theory that has advanced the view that Lowry suffered from Asperger's Disease. With 256 illustrations of which 205 are in full colour, Rosenthal's book is, and will remain, an indispensible guide to Lowry's extensive oeuvre and the cultural and psychological forces that shaped it.

Dimensions: 250 x 300 x 25mm
Publication Date:15/09/2021
Paperback / Softback
Author: T.G. Rosenthal
Publisher: Unicorn Publishing Group
ISBN: 9781913491758
Pages: 320 Pages 51 Illustrations, black and white; 205 Illustrations, Colour

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