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Worker Bee Coffee Bundle

Worker Bee Coffee Bundle

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Available as 3x 227g packs of Ground or Whole Bean coffee

After Dinner Festive Blend (Red Label):

A perfect blend of quality, dark roasted Arabica beans from Brazil & Honduras. Expertly crafted to allow you a rich, indulgent and satisfying coffee. Notes of rich cocoa and dark molasses with a citrus hint of orange peel. A perfect accompaniment to your favourite festive dinner.

Grade 1 Sumatran Arabica – Fairtrade (Green Label):

Sourced from organic small holder farmers in the Gayo Highlands of Aceh to the north of Sumatra. With this wet-hulled lot, you can truly appreciate the typical deep, rustic and sweet character of the coffee. Particularly enjoyable at this time of year.

Certified Shade Grown Indian Arabica (Yellow Label):

Sourced from the Kamataka growing region in Southern India. India is the only country that grows all of its coffee under the shade, resulting in an intriguing subtlety and stimulating intensity. Mild and with low acidity, this coffee possesses an exotic full-bodied taste and a fine aroma.
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