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Lowry Book: Adolphe Valette & L. S. Lowry by Cécilia Lyon

Lowry Book: Adolphe Valette & L. S. Lowry by Cécilia Lyon

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Cécilia Lyon Adolphe Valette & L. S. Lowry

A long-awaited insight into the relationship between the painter L.S. Lowry and his teacher the French Impressionist Adolphe Valette, meticulously researched, and with 112 thoroughly commented colour illustrations.

‘I can’t overestimate the effect on me at that time of the coming into this drab city of Adolphe Valette, full of the French Impressionists, aware of everything that was going on in Paris. He had a freshness and a breadth of experience that exhilarated his students.’ L.S. Lowry

The book investigates the impact of Valette’s tuition on Lowry’s artistic development. It tells of life at the Manchester School of Art and dispels some enduring myths on Lowry’s apprenticeship. Importantly, the book examines the influence of the teacher on Lowry’s recording of the industrial landscape; it informs about the locations – in and about Manchester – which were depicted by both artists. It examines the art exhibitions to which both artists contributed works in the 1920s, and also, with new findings, explores the participation of Lowry in the Paris salons. Crucially, the book also explains how Lowry freed himself from the influence of his master.

Cécilia Lyon - Belgian-born Cécilia Lyon is a graduate of the University of Brussels. She is a writer, curator and publisher. It was while she was curating her blockbusting exhibition of 2011-2012 at The Lowry, in Salford, ‘Adolphe Valette, a Pioneer of Impressionism in Manchester’ that the idea of writing an in-depth study of the artistic relationship between Valette and Lowry crystallised. She is now thrilled to be able to share her findings with a wider public.

ISBN: 9781527258921                                                                                            Format: Hardback                                                                                                     Extent and dimensions: 160pp 25x28.5x2cm

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